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About Vinayak Infosoft

Vinayak Infosoft has been dominating the digital marketing industry with effective optimisation strategies and quality services since 1999. This Ahmedabad-based SEO brand is known for its comprehensive range of services that drive growth for businesses across various digital channels.

Challenges We Overcame

Furthermore, Storybizz was also vested with the responsibility of positioning #1 Vinayak Infosoft as a thought leader in India’s SEO and brand marketing industry. The PR strategists from Storybizz devised a plan to achieve this through several press releases, strategic keyword research, and editorials offering expert advice, opinions, and insights to retain maximum clients over a significant period. This, in turn, helped the brand garner more traffic and enjoy a better position in the Google results page.

To help achieve Vinayak Infosoft goals of boosting brand awareness, Storybizz was enlisted to accomplish the following:
Services Used:

Business impact

The PR experts at Storybizz began with a comprehensive auditing process that revealed #1 Vinayak Infosoft’s untapped potential. After recognising the SEO brand’s existing authority, we focused on revamping their media releases through a result-driven approach. On implementing the game above plan, we could see the following result:


 Increase in website traffic


Significant increase in conversion rates


Improved ranking on SERP

StoryBizz Game Plan

Press Release Outline

As part of the planning process, we identified some potential perspectives to consider when presenting the core message in unlikely media. We started by testing the journalists’ receptiveness and enthusiasm towards #1 Vinayak Infosoft press releases to understand the efficacy of the appropriate angles we considered for our releases.


Next, we focused on creating content not only for audiences based in Ahmedabad but for clients across India. Even though the company has been a critical player in the SEO industry for over two decades, it wanted to rebuild its brand awareness campaigns and foster more vital credibility among its audience base. Using our PR knowledge and contacts, the strategists built a network connecting international and regional firms and also digital entrepreneurs.